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DR.Babor Germany

Perfect Skin Collection Spring - Dr.BABOR

Perfect Skin Collection Spring - Dr.BABOR

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1x HYDRA PLUS: Maximum hyaluron power for maximum skin moisturization. Instantly more moisture, 24-h intensely plumped to reduce wrinkles.
1x ALGAE VITALIZER: Ensures moisture and vitality for a strong microbiome.
1x ACTIVE NIGHT: Overnight recovery – maximum active ingredient power for visibly rested, rejuvenated, and strengthened skin in the morning.
1x MULTI VITAMIN: The vitamin boost restores energy to weakened skin – for healthy, fresh, and radiant-looking skin.
1x PERFECT GLOW: For the ultimate glow and smooth, flawless skin all day.
1x 3D FIRMING: For defined contours, noticeably more firmness, and fewer wrinkles.
1x LIFT EXPRESS: The ultimate anti-wrinkle ampoule with instant effect.

How to Use

After cleansing, shake the ampoule and cover the neck of the ampoule with a cosmetic tissue or the enclosed ampoule opener. Hold the ampoule by the neck of the ampoule or the opener and break it open at the lower white ring with a quick snap. Place the concentrate in the palm of your hand; then apply it evenly to face, neck, and décolleté. Pat it gently into the skin. Follow with an application of skincare cream.


Hydra Plus: 1.3% low molecular weight hyaluronic acid is the heart of the moisturizing active ingredient concept. It can be optimally absorbed by the skin and provides it with intensive moisture. This provides long-lasting replenishment of moisture reserves, supports the skin’s protective barrier, and reduces fine lines and wrinkles caused by dehydration. These effects are additionally supported by marine sugar from red algae, plant-based saccharides, and sugar beet extract. Marine sugar from red algae supports the skin’s natural processes by stimulating the skin’s natural hyaluronic acid synthesis. The skin-identical saccharide moisturizer remains on the skin surface and binds moisture there, so that it remains on the skin for a long time. Furthermore, sugar beet extract promotes moisture absorption and retention and stands out with quick effects and long-term results. These moisturizing complexes protect the skin from dehydration, reduce wrinkles caused by dehydration, and make the skin surface appear plumped up and smoother. Algae Vitalizer: They contain a green algae extract that is rich in vitamins A, C and E and instantly supplies the skin with intensive moisture to protect it from dehydration for a long time. The green algae’s moisture boost revitalizes and refreshes the skin. Another ingredient of maritime origin is the plankton extract. Due to its anti-oxidative properties, it can help neutralize free radicals and thus help protect the skin against negative environmental impact. This way, the skin is well armed against external influences. When used regularly, the plankton extract also reduces the depth of wrinkles. A probiotic active ingredient soothes dry skin really well and supports the microbiome for a balanced skin flora. Active Night: The ceramide complex in Active Night Ampoule Concentrates helps the skin rebuild its natural lipid layer overnight and thus reinforces the skin barrier for greater resilience. Furthermore, the complex sustainably regulates the skin’s moisture equilibrium. This moisture boost is supported by an extract from European glasswort. During the night, the extract replenishes the skin’s natural moisture reserves and promotes urea synthesis; at the same time, it counteracts loss of moisture through the skin. As a result, the skin appears visibly more hydrated and refreshed the next day. However, important anti-aging processes are also part of the nightly skin regeneration and are promoted by the passion fruit seed oil contained in Active Night Ampoule Concentrates. It supports structural elements of the skin by stimulating synthesis of the skin’s natural collagen and elastin during the night. Moreover, the oil supports skin regeneration and simultaneously soothes and nourishes. Multi Vitamin: As a fluid, vitamin A supports skin regeneration and improves the skin structure, so that the skin appears more vibrant and radiant.The active ingredient complex of the Multi Vitamin Ampoules also contains the power ingredient Vitamin C. Vitamin C is rich in natural antioxidants and ensures a radiant complexion. In addition to its anti-oxidant effect, skincare with vitamin C can help restore the complexion’s balance, smoothness, and freshness when used regularly. Thus, tired, dull, uneven skin appears revitalized and refreshed. They also contain vitamin E with antioxidant properties that protect cells from the damaging effects of free radicals, thus helping to protect the skin from UV-induced environmental impact. The niacinamide (vitamin B3) contained in the ampoule is also a real power ingredient with multiple beneficial properties for the skin. Niacinamide helps regenerate and maintain the natural skin barrier so that the skin can better perform its protective function again. It is thus well armed against external influences and is less easily stressed. This vitamin booster ensures optimally nourished, revitalized, and refreshed skin that is resilient to external influences. Perfect Glow: A blend of Glow pigments and exopolysaccharides provides the glow effect. The exopolysaccharides help achieve a more even skin tone and give the skin a rosy, fresh glow. In combination with the Glow pigments, this effect is visually enhanced. It gives the skin a blur filter effect and makes it appear more even and radiant. For more perfection, a blend of peptides and a fast lifting active ingredient provides an immediate effect. The Perfection Peptide moisturizes the skin and helps make the complexion appear more even. In addition, when used regularly, it supports skin regeneration and reduces wrinkles and fine lines. The lifting active ingredient supports the skin’s elasticity and makes wrinkles appear visibly softened thanks to the improved microstructure. 3D Firming: The active ingredient complex contains an oligosaccharide derived from sea lettuce and a tetrapeptide. Both ingredients act specifically on the extracellular matrix of the skin by stimulating the skin’s natural collagen and hyaluronic acid synthesis, thus improving its firmness and elasticity. The skin regains elasticity, facial contours look more defined and the overall appearance more harmonious. Organic silicon supports structural elements of the skin to soften wrinkles and lines, making the skin appear smoother and firmer. Lift Express: The exopolysaccharide fills in lines and wrinkles so that the skin appears smoother and more even after just a short time. By supporting the formation of collagen-1 and elastin, skin tone and elasticity are improved, leaving skin looking smoother for up to 6 hours. By improving the skin’s microstructure, the cellulose-pullulan matrix assists with various types of wrinkles such as expression lines, forehead lines, and frown lines. Wrinkles thus appear softened; at the same time, the active ingredient gives the skin a firming effect.


The perfectly coordinated ampoule treatment series starts with moisturization & build-up and ends with regeneration and anti-aging – for radiant, spring-fresh skin in 14 days.

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