PERSONAL INSPIRATION “Cosmetics are our philosophy… Bringing out the best in natural beauty has been our aim for many years now. No cosmetics can restore lost youth but, if they are used correctly and professionally, they can help any woman to look considerably better” – Rosa Graf, pioneer in skincare since 1926, who in the 1920’s was already running one of Germany’s first institutes of cosmetics.


Tamara Crocker – Internationally Certified Skin Expert

20+ years of global expertise in skincare therapy

Experienced Laser Technician in SKINCARE Therapy


Natural Beauty is the GIFT, Therapy is the SECRET! TM @tamaracrocker


Come, let your skin glow! @topskinsolutions


EVERY BIG GIRL’S JOURNEY BEGINS with a very little girl’s story. Tamara had a passion in beauty since a little girl, starting with her sister’s struggle to fight cystic acne symptoms and outbreaks from a young age and her own skin condition, Rosacea. More than 90% of the world population is affected by acne at some point in their life and around 10% will suffer from Rosacea. Tamara’s quest for self-healing and helping friends and family to achieve a glowing skin and to teach them how to do that, became a passionate endeavour that set her on a course to help heal others.


Tamara’s journey as a highly trained cosmetician started over 20 years ago in her native country Romania, after graduating from Rosa Graf Cosmetics School and continuing with the reputable Steiner Training Academy for Spa, Beauty and Fitness in London UK.

This last training set Tamara on a global quest in the beauty and wellness industry for nearly 13 years onboard luxury cruise liners, traveling to new and exotic destinations while meeting and treating hundreds, if not thousands of cruise passengers from around the world.

Her Passion for skincare and attention to detail in her craft, along with vast knowledge and great personality, put Tamara at the top of her field as a skincare specialist onboard. Soon after, she was offered the opportunity to educate and mentor hundreds of skilled therapists from over 50 countries around the world.

In 2014, after her move to Canada, Tamara furthered her education by attending the European Institute of Aesthetics in Edmonton AB, recognized as the best laser therapy school in Western Canada.

Here, Tamara learned and specialized in Laser Hair Removal, Laser Resurfacing Treatments, Medical Grade Chemical Peels, Customized Corrective Facial Treatments and so much more.


Tamara takes an “inside-out” approach for her clients by combining non-invasive treatments and products without harmful chemicals with resurfacing treatments, using the latest technology in lasers, IPL, medical micro-needling and chemical peels.  By using a synergistic combination of laser therapy and skincare products, Tamara was inspired to design treatments that deliver fabulous results to the treated area, almost immediately, no matter the concern. Whether you need help with treating acne scarring, Rosacea, hyper-pigmentation (dark spots), or all signs of ageing, Tamara’s knowledge and expertise will be there to support you in your healing journey.


And there is more… apart from her expertise as a highly skilled skin specialist you also get that ”invisible touch” which makes Tamara so unique, as she is using energy healing from Reiki and Theta Healing, this universal energy is known to bring emotional well-being to help you achieve healthy, glowing, beautiful skin.  

It is true, your skin is the largest organ part of your body, and it will show you symptoms of unaddressed emotions and feelings which will appear in a form of various skin conditions, as your nervous system is trying to “show you” that there is something more going on, on the inside.